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When considering constructing a new custom home, purchasing a new track home, or purchasing a pre-owned home, along with MANY other factors, one should take into account the energy efficiency performance of that home for the long run. A lower than average energy bill can offset many costsĀ  to custom build that some may not identify right away.

We always like to give clients the option to upgrade fromĀ  2×4 exterior walls to 2×6, therefore increasing the amount of available insulating space in the wall. In our custom builds, we always include a minimum of R 15 in exterior walls, along with R 38 in ceilings. This is more than the minimum R 13 and R 30 required by the building code. Clients also have the option to upgrade to open or closed cell spray foam for insulation, which also can have a dramatic impact on future energy bills, eventually offsetting the extra cost.

We also work with our HVAC contractor to develop the most efficient air duct layout, unit sizing, zoning, etc. There are several Seer Rating options to upgrade to also, which run more efficiently and use less power to operate.

There has been an increased use of propane and natural gas recently, especially for tank-less water heaters. These also are cheaper to run over the lifetime of the fixture, as opposed to an 80 gallon electric water heater, with a better benefit of instant, infinite hot water.

These, and many more products will help keep your energy bill to a minimum over the lifespan of a house. This will continue to pay off and also increase the home’s value, if and when, it comes time to part ways with your dream home.

-Steve and Lee


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