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How To Pass An ARB Submission


Up the chances a review board will approve your design with these time-tested strategies from an architect


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Make the size, scale, form and placement of your building compatible with nearby properties. You also want it to make sense with the dominant neighborhood or district development pattern. If all the residences have a long driveway leading to a garage in back, don’t think your front-and-center three-car garage will sail through the design process.


Have the project’s site layout and orientation in an appropriate relationship to each other. Make sure the site layout has a well-designed relationship to the environmental qualities, open spaces and topography of the property as well. Is your new outdoor kitchen overlooking your neighbor’s pool? If so, be prepared to sink more dollars into a redesign.


Think of the big picture in regard to landscaping. In addition to making your landscape in proportion to your project and property, is preservation of specimen or landmark trees a concern? What about existing vegetation? Plant selection should be appropriate to the design. And be sure to demonstrate adequate maintenance and irrigation features.


Choose consistent materials, colors and compositions for all sides of your building. Architectural elements and details should be carried around all sides of the building, creating a consistent and unified exterior composition. True, these are subjective points, but most design issues are. Study the look and design of homes in your area. Get a feel for what the design review board has greenlighted.


Be a good neighbor. It’s always recommended to share your proposed plan with your neighbors prior to the design review meeting. Most neighbors will be in support of any improvements to the neighborhood, and it will help you avoid negative feedback from them during the meeting. Design review boards always find projects that have the support of the neighbors easier to approve than those that do not.

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